Your Insurance and Your Check-up

There is plenty of evidence supporting the need for regular healthy check-ups for children. The general health for your child and for the community is improved. There is also ample proof that getting your care with the same physician is much more beneficial than seeing many providers at diverse locations. 

But, as with many healthy suggestions, there is a catch. 
At our practices, we are finding that insurance companies are getting more and more restrictive about check-ups. Some companies only allow one check-up in a 365 day span. Other plans allow only one check-up in a calendar year. Co-pays are also changing a lot this year. Of course, these restrictions don’t apply to babies and toddlers, but the rules are becoming more and more confusing and restrictive. 

Sometimes issues come up during a visit that exceed the normal bounds of a check-up. If we spend significant time, have to prescribe medications, arrange referrals, etc there may be an extra charge with your check-up. These are also new rules imposed by your insurance company.

Please check with your insurance company to determine your individual coverage before a visit. Our staff will do our best to figure it out also; but we hope you understand that as the rules get more confusing and diverse, it takes us more time to help you with your child’s regular care. We’ll do as much as possible to help you understand the intricacies and rules governing your coverage.  

We all love seeing our patients as they grow and we hope you like seeing us too.