Doctor's Note

Now Offering Telehealth Pediatric Visits

To better serve the needs of our patients and families we are pleased to offer telehealth appointments for current patients.  These appointments will provide virtual access to your trusted pediatrician and staff. You will receive the same dedicated medical care you’ve come to expect but in the comfort of your own home.   All you need […]

Natural Therapies and Children

We hear a lot of talk and get many questions about the merits of traditional “folk” remedies over conventional medicines. Sometimes, however, conventional medicine – a prescribed medication – is what’s needed.

A Reading Assignment

In today’s world, children and teens are bombarded with conflicting, ever-shifting standards of ethics and morality. Fortunately, a really great book has the power to counterbalance these outside influences and teach children important lessons as they grow.

Swimmer’s Ear Isn’t Just for Summer

Summertime means beaches and lakes and lots of swim time. That doesn’t stop when Fall arrives! So what does one do if their little swimmer starts complaining about painful ears after a pool visit?

5 Reasons to Cook With Your Kids

Kids may need frequent experiences involving food to overcome the anxiety they may have around the unfamiliar. Cooking with your kids in the kitchen will help them overcome these fears and develop lifelong skills.

“Lunchables” Are Not The Answer

With everyone back in school and schedules growing busier, it’s easy to choose shortcuts when it comes to meal planning. Those ready-made meals and snacks, however, are not always the answer to good nutrition.

Countdown to a Healthy Lifestyle

Many of you may be familiar with some of the slogans that are being developed to try and help all of us lead healthier lifestyles. One of these is “5-2-1-0.”

Your Insurance and Your Check-up

At our practices, we are finding that insurance companies are getting more and more restrictive about check-ups. We’ll do as much as possible to help you understand the intricacies and rules governing your coverage.